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Let's Talk About Corsica!

Launched by Pamela St. Clair Naylon,Let's Talk About Corsicais a website for English-speakers dedicated to the discovery of Corsica in all its aspects. It is full of high quality articles and photos showcasing the culture, history, flora and fauna, songs, art, scuba diving, hiking, local events and festivals, food, etc. of this beautiful island. Its aim is to give us a rich and 360° image of Corsica from someone who knows. The site is only in English.

Dive Zone

Dive Zone is a new project developed by several SCUBA dive enthusiasts teamed up with other divers to create the best Internet site possible on SCUBA diving. The aim is to share opinions and advice on diving destinations all over the world.

We hope that the information you find on Blog Plongée will help you plan your next dive trip. Anyone can participate by posting their opinions and stories from previous dive trips or ask advice from other divers in the Blog Plongée community.

Mon Tour Ailleurs

Mon Tour Ailleurs is a scuba travel blog by Audrey Fleurot. It's written in French but you can manage it, come on! Audrey is a curious and adventurous diver, she took part in TribloO's community from the very beginning. We're very proud to follow her during her round-the-world tour where she's explore, test out and select for us new diving places and top quality dive centers. She shares her land and aquatic endeavours on a weekly basis, with tips, dos and donts for both boy and girl divers! Way to go Audrey!

Snorkel Around The World

Are you interested in exploring the underwater world? Would you like to see how beautiful is the marine life but are you not a diver? No problem! Snorkel Around The World is a site dedicated to snorkeling. It is a popular, great outdoor activity that allows you to discover the underwater world without any special skills or equipment. It is easy-to-learn and fits everybody... as long as you know how to swim! It does not matter if you are new to snorkeling or already a pro snorkeler, you are welcome on these website and into the community. The mission is to discover the best snorkeling places around the world, inspire people to get their mask, snorkel and fins on and start new adventures at the surface of the sea.

Follow the Snorkel Around the World Instagram (www.intagram.com/snorkel.around.the.world) for daily great snorkeling shots; share your own memories with the tagging #snorkelaroundtheworld.

Visit thesnorkelaroundtheworld.com/ blog and read their underwater news, location and gear infos. Join the Snorkel Around The World fast growing community, and explore the best snorkeling places together!

Life in the Coral Reef of Réunion

Passionate about the ocean and all marine life animals, the team of Life in the Coral Reef of Réunion snorkels around Réunion island's lagoons as a buddy team and only equipped with a snorkel set! Do not hesitate to contact them to discover the hidden marine gems of this tiny volcanic islands lost in the Indian ocean and, why not, participate in one of their daytime or night snorkeling session!

Homair campings

Homair campings : If you want to enjoy the best dive sites in Croatia, France, Spain or Italy, you might want to stay in one of the 128 Homair campings. They are suited to all budgets : basic campsites to 5-star campsites. And if you travel with your family, we recommend you try the aquapark and kid clubs.