Frequently Asked Questions?

How do I book my dives on

To book your dives on, you must first create an account by clicking on the top right tab, ‘My TribloO’. You will then be connected with your account and can make your reservation by simply clicking on the orange button 'Book with this center' of the chosen diving center. Fill in the prompted details and choice of dive of EVERY diver, one by one; once you have added all the first diver’s information, validate them, then click 'add a diver' and repeat for each diver (Maximum number of divers: 10). When your booking is fully complete, the details of your reservation will be visible in the right column with the total amount as well as any discounts received; simply confirm all and your booking request will be sent to the center by email. The center will then contact you directly within 24 to 48h.

How do you book for a group larger than 10 people?

All you need to do is request a group quote which you’ll find on the right of your screen when you are on the page of the dive center that you’re interested in. You will need to fill out a detailed form and we will direct it to the centers most able to meet your requests and host your group.

How does one leave a review of a dive center?

To leave a comment about a center, you must have first made a booking and dived at the center in question. After your dive, you will receive an online questionnaire, ensuring the authenticity and credibility of the testimony. As the person who filed the review, you may be contacted by visitors of the site; your experience as a diver will be indicated on the site, as well as the date of your dive with the given center.

TribloO (the tribe of the big blue)?

This is a community, rather a tribe, of passionate underwater divers wanting to share a different approach to this wonderful hobby. In addition to Jean-Luc and Laurence, both tribloonautes who initiated this adventure, TribloO is a team of more than 150 test divers who discover, and objectively compare and select dive centers around the world.

Who are the test divers?

The test divers are all experienced divers: minimum level 3 FFESSM or CMAS *** diver or PADI Rescue diver with hundreds of dives under their belt in several different kinds of environments. Each tribe member shares the same values and desires: to allow everyone to safely dive in the best conditions while having a wonderful diving experience. Each test diver completes an evaluation (pre-determined by around our five evaluation criteria) after dives. We contact test divers if necessary, and then integrate the center on the site if the test is successful. When the opportunity arises, the test diver can have the test dive reimbursed for certain destinations (communicated to him or her in advance)! If you have the required certifications and wish to become a tester diver feel free to contact us.

Can I cancel or change a reservation?

Bookings made on are completely flexible; there is no online payment therefore you are able to cancel if necessary. Confirmed bookings put you directly in contact with the center with which you will pay directly, on site or in advance, according to the terms and conditions of the center. A reservation on allows you to have discounts on your dives, up to 25%, negotiated with the diving club, so be sure to take advantage!

Why do some centers not offer discounts?

Our selection is based primarily on the quality of diving centers and not on commercial gestures or an aggressive pricing policy that is often to the detriment of service and professionalism. Each center offers a discount according to its means.

Why isn’t every good dive center referenced?

We have not yet had time to test all of the diving centers of the world ... But we look forward to it! If you know good dive centers, do not hesitate to contact us so we can have them evaluated by our test divers and add it to our selection... if the test is successful!

How does one receive the newsletter?

To be informed about our latest news and promotions, please leave your email in the Newsletter tab at the bottom right of the homepage. You can also follow us on our Facebook page!

How exactly does the diving calendar work?

Click on 'Where to dive month by month' and you will have access to the best diving destinations according to your dates so that you can enjoy optimal conditions (weather, wildlife, etc. ...).

Does the price include equipment rental?

In general, the price includes blocks and weights, but not the rest of the equipment, unless otherwise stated in the 'good to know' section.

How are accomodation selected for each Dive Center?

TribloO partner Dive Centers provides us with a list of accomodation as close as possible to the Dive Center location.



Nowadays it's actually easy to dive year-round and all over the world! Though it's still tricky to find the right dive centre, the one that's 100% you.

From the 'divers factory' to the micro dive centre not adapted to groups, from the really professional company that's not too friendly to the coolest atmosphere ever but with dodgy SCUBA gear... the choice is difficult, especially if you're not in the country yet!

TribloO started off with that observation and a crazy idea: offer a quality-based list of dive centres to divers, so not only you'll dive the best, you'll also get it cheaper!

50 'test divers' test and select the best ones, then the choice is easy and straight forward for you.

TribloO is neither a tour operator, a dive centre nor a dive school: it's a tribe of divers having fun with the best in the industry... for less! TribloO divers benefit from a sort of VIP status and are able to save on their dives . This website is the product of years of exploring and harvesting across the oceans and the best coastal destinations, from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean, through to the Mediterranean Sea, we deliver our selection to help you organise your diving holidays.

In a single website, you can choose the dive centres that suit you and your holiday plans best, based on five essential criteria that we apply before any selection:

  1. Safety procedures
  2. Competent and professional staff
  3. Good quality gear
  4. Friendly staff, good atmosphere and customer service
  5. Eco responsibility

Every dive centre is detailled with all the options possible (accommodation, training, workshops, availabilities...) along with the dive sites in the area and the staff. We are striving to help you pick the right dive centre: take it easy and book your dives directly on, no delay or time difference, no language barrier or phone taxes! We handle the bookings and confirm them within 24 hours, whether you are travelling alone, with your family, or organising a trip for your dive club, in Europe or around the world... TribloO is the only company in the world to provide this service, enjoy!

If you find cheaper dive fares than on, tell us and we'll do our best to match them.

Don't hesitate to contact us or comment on our Facebook page if you have any questions!

Share your experience: that's how we will all benefit from TribloO's spirit!



Initiated and created by divers, TribloO is anything but 'just another dive website'! It's a community, tribe of divers who want to share the best of their passion. Jean Luc and Laurence started it all three years ago, and now it's a team of four, plus about 50 divers roaming around the globe to discover, compare and independently select the best dive centres. At first we were only focused on the overall safety of a company... but a good day has more to it, that's why go by these 5 ambitious criteria:

  1. Safety procedures
  2. Competent and professional staff
  3. Good quality gear
  4. Friendly staff, good atmosphere and customer service
  5. Eco responsibility

The test divers are all experienced divers, CMAS 3 or PADI Rescue / Divemaster with a minimum of 500 logged dives. They all share the same philosophy about diving: safely and in a friendly atmosphere, get everyone to dive in the best conditions possible!

If you want to become a test diver, please contact us!

A great adventure

For over 2 years, fins in hand, some 50 divers have played regular customers in more than 500 dive centres, in over 20 countries! Their mission is to dive with them following a thorough questionnaire... There are the dive centres online today, from which you can get amazing discounts on your dives or courses; and those in the pipes, being processed, soon to be enjoyed by you, the Tribe! We are still testing and selecting so the best in diving gets to you first...

Totally independent!

As a guide and advisor, TribloO aims at being fair and objective to the dive centres and to the divers. Testing and selection take place without the dive centre being aware. Dive centers do not pay to be tested and approved by TribloO!

If you know a great dive centre that would fit in with TribloO's criteria, don't hesitate to tell us! Any destination is valid, we're only looking at quality.

Once you've dived somewhere listed with us, leave a comment: they are the best way to have updates, leave feedback on a dive centre... which helps divers to make the right choice!



So you have it really easy, we came back from our travels with a few perks for you!·

A selection of the best dive centres around the world, according to 5 criteria:

  1. Safety procedures
  2. Competent and professional staff
  3. Good quality gear
  4. Friendly staff, good atmosphere and customer service
  5. Eco responsibility

You can be sure a dive centre listed with us will meet all 5 requirements!

  • A detailled description of every company so you can chose the one that's most relevant for you, your family or your group: staff, gear and logistics, general customer service... No more surprises on arrival!
  • Practical info on the destination and the dive sites: you know when is the best time to go, what to bring (and not to bring), where to go diving first or last... Everything you need to plan your trip properly.
  • Book your dives directly online! Check the dive centre's availabilities and book right away! You'll get confirmation within 24 hours.
  • Best fares ever for TribloO divers! We have negociated the best prices for you: dives or training with up to 20% discount! When you belong to such a cool tribe, the least we could do is share the good stuff!