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SS Papadiamandis

The SS Papadiamandis dive site is a cargo shipwreck from 1944, which saw the Pacific War, but didn’t sink until 1963. The history is a little fuzzy, but it seems it was from the French side. The shipwreck is certainly interesting, but the real charm of this dive site lies in POP!


POP is a forty some-year old grouper of over 40kg that Miguel of the Flores Dive Center knows very well. Between them there was never a question of food, and yet they formed a friendly bond in spite of it all. In fact, as soon as Miguel arrives with all his divers, POP comes to say hello to everyone and if you dare to take photos of things other than him, expect POP to not be very happy. He will photobomb you from all sides. A real ham, this POP! 

Other information
Depth :
Max. 30 meters
Current :
Medium Strong
Required scuba diving level / certification :
A good Open Water
Fauna :

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