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Los Islotes

Amid an arid and barren environment, surrounded by slivered rocks, Los Islotes, north of Isla Perdida, host a seal colony. Daytime diving is very simple: it's only 8m deep and playful seals are just a couple of fin strokes away! No need to beg for attention or set up ingenious tricks to attract them... they'll come and joyfully greet you on their own!

At night time the diving is also very interesting, especially along the vault that goes from one side of the island to the other. You'll get to see parrotfish in their night gown, angelfish and vibrant orange corals sparkling in the water. A must see!

Other information
Depth :
Max. 10 meters
Visibility :
10 to 25m
Current :
Light to nil
Required scuba diving level / certification :

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