Kalabahi Bay

Kalabahi Bay dive site in Diving Indonesia, Alor

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Kalabahi Bay

Kalabahi Bay is a long narrow sandy-bottomed bay that contains special underwater fauna. If you are a fan of “muck diving” then you found your paradise! Here, you can see everything that the best muck sites have to offer in Indonesia! Absolutely some of the rarest sea creatures known to man! There are many species of ghost-pipefish such as the velvet, ornate, and even the halimeda. There are also plenty of frogfish: giant,painted, warty, randal, etc. What’s more, you can find octopi (wonderpuss, blue-ring, hairy), shrimp (Harlequin, Coleman, tiger), seaweed pipefish, nudibranchs, stargazer, weedy scorpionfish, and many more!     

Other information

Type of dive site
  • Sandy bottom
    10-20 m
    souvent fort
    Required scuba diving level / certification
    • Scorpion fish
    • Seahorses
    • Frogfish
    • Octopus
    • Nudibranchs
    • Coral flora

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