Discover the best dive centers in Açores

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Discover the best dive centers in Açores

Diving the Azores Archipelago

Looking for a memorable dive holiday? The Azores Archipelago will surprise you! It belongs to Portugal and sits almost in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean. On the islands of Flores, Terceira, Faial and Sao Miguel, where the average visibility is close to pristine, there are a lot of stunning dive sites. The locals are grateful to the Gulf Stream for the mild weather that bathes the archipelago...

On the diving side of things, you can count on temperate waters all year round and beautiful dive sites amidst volcanoes like Baixa Das Castanhetas or the Ilehu de Vila Franca Do Campo. Over a single dive you can discover quite a unique biodiversity with a blend of oceanic and tropical species. You can observe sharks or manta rays living alongside pods of dolphins, orcas or, the Azores symbol, whales. Try out a night dive for an unbelievable time with fluorescent plankton! Whether you are a beginner diver or you have a lot of experience, check the reef at Ponta Delgada, the arches of Caloura to find all 37 species of nudibranchs or the manta rays at Princess Alice Bank, some 80 km off Pico Island. Exceptional dives guaranteed!

Water and air temperature :
Water and air temperatureAir temperature18°17°17°17°18°20°21°22°23°22°20°19°
Water temperature16°16°16°17°19°21°24°25°24°21°19°17°
Best time to dive : June to October
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