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Discover the best dive centers in Saint Barthelemy

Diving in SaintBarthélémy (St Barth's)

Scattered amongst the other islands of the French Antilles like confetti, Saint Barthelemy, best known to most as St Bart's or St Barth's, is one of four overseas French territories located in the Caribbean and offers sophistication, luxury and elegance. With a small population, colonial style houses and breathtaking beaches, it is widely known as one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean.

St Barth's was relatively untouched until the arrival of Gustavia Rockefeller and his friends whom, after seeing the beauty of the island, quickly invested, and the island soon became known for it's high end customers and booming economy. There is an interesting mix of French and Creole heritage here and the island very much retains its rich culture and identity. 

Now the economically prosperous and popular diving destination St Barths, is constantly thriving to retain its popularity and to preserve its natural beauty. In 1996 the Marine Reserve was created to protect the marine life, in particular the large number of sea turtles and humpback whales that are resident to the island. Today, St Barth’s has the most protected ecosystem in the Antilles. Scuba diving is one of the most popular activities here and is regulated closely for the continued protection of the marine environment as well as for the divers themselves. 

In general there is only ever one boat at a dive site with no more than 10 divers diving there at a time. You are guaranteed to dive in the best conditions on offer. This luxury doesn’t come cheap but it's most certainly a once in a life time experience and not to be missed. 

Only 10 minutes by plane or 40 minutes by ferry from St Martin, St Barth's is a small bubble of luxury hovering within the clear warm waters of the Caribbean. Whether you spend a few days or simply one day in order to do your first ever dive on a Discover Scuba Diving experience, do not miss the Aquarium des Gros Ilets or the wild and majestic Ile Fourchue. 

Water and air temperature :
Water and air temperatureAir temperature29°29°29°29°31°32°32°32°32°31°31°30°
Water temperature26°26°26°27°28°28°29°29°29°29°28°27°
Best time to dive : From December to April
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