Tribloo gets a makeover

Hello and welcome to our new site!

This blog was created not just to to be informative but as a way to strengthen the bond between us all; divers, passionate travellers, underwater adventurers and blue planet eco advocates.

The ultimate information site for divers
Tribloo's mission is to guide the worlds divers in choosing from quality dive centers whilst ensuring optimum opportunities for dive centers to increase their booking rates. This is the reason that in only a few years, Tribloo has become the world's first and leading dive center web portal.

The news.

This new version of our site comes with new features and many improvements including:
  • A more modern, refined and responsive design, adaptable to all screen sizes including smartphones.
  • Geolocation that enables the user to find the right dive center "close to me".
  • Dialogue capabilities between divers and high-ranking dive centers ("Airbnb style").
  • Cruises will be easily identified with relevant descriptions.
  • A booking engine and improved cart features.
  • The option for back end site access for the dive center, enabling them to monitor statistics (page views, visitors etc)

The destination pages have been enriched and improved in view of their descriptive content and information. It has become a true dive travel encyclopedia!

We are aiming for an improved user experience offering fewer clicks with a lot more content.

A team of experts

A team of experts
A team of experts

Since the creation of we have worked hard to ensure we are providing reliable, trustworthy information for divers seeking top quality dive centers.

With our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) knowledge and expertise we are now ranked in the top 3 of the first page of google for searches of over 225 popular and targeted keywords (eg Bali Dive, Diving Madagascar, Diving Canaries etc)

We have more than 300,000 visitors to the site annually and this figure is expected to triple by the end of 2018 with the launch of the new site.

Our team currently includes:

  • Jean-Luc Vilala, President, Diving Expert | MF1 Dive Instructor
  • Laurence Gosse, DGD, Marketing, Communication, Entrepreneur | Celsa-SiencesPo
  • Laurent Da Lage, DG, Business Development, International | Master IT, AOW Diver
  • Nicolas Mosser, DGD, Adviser | AOW diver

Nicolas Mosser, DGD, Adviser | AOW diver

"By Francis Le Guen"
When we tell you we are experts
When we tell you we are experts

It is with this in mind that I agreed to work with Tribloo, getting onboard with the new blog, social media networks, in particular the Tribloo Facebook page.

Look out for an active imagination and free flowing, humorous tone that always seems to be appreciated on our other other social networks.

We'll be providing updated dive travel news on a daily basis, feature articles on destinations and remarkable dives sites, interviews and so much more!

The idea of TribloO was born from the observation of a double need

For dive centers: They need to be visible amongst the dive community in order to increase their booking opportunities and of course their profitability.

What dive centers want:

  • To be known by divers around the world.
  • Attract more customers to their dive center.
  • Value their services and their facilities in order to stand out from their competitors.

As dive centers develop and move into the digital world they often find they have neither the expertise nor the means to keep up with their competition when it comes to SEO.

A shared tool like the Tribloo site, built by experts, gives dive centers the opportunity to successfully reach to reach out to, and get in front of the digital international diving community.

For divers: Difficulty in finding a quality dive center that 100% meets their expectations (in terms of training offered, quality of supervision, safety, customer service etc.)

What divers want:

  • Find a dive center suited to their needs, whatever the destination.
  • Easy and fast access to free, objective and verified information.
  • Benefit from "deals and special offers".

Facilitating exchanges between the various market players is Tribloo's whole vocation. No effort has been spared in meeting your expectations and we hope that our new site will not only please you but that you take advantage and profit from the indispensable tool that our new site will become for divers and dive centers worldwide.

See you soon !