Bali / Indonesia




Diving around Bali could be best defined as... a treat! Located 5 km to the east of Java, Bali is one of the 30.000 islands which make up the Indonesian archipelago. Its climate is somehow quite diverse: tropical to the south, mild as you start gaining altitude and actually cold up in the mountains (Mount Agung peaks at 3142m!). The southern coast is most famous for its white-sand beaches but the northern part of the island, less touristy, has a lot to offer the keen diver. If you want to dive Bali, be ready to be amazed, one dive site after the other... Though you've got to be prepared for some adventure: currents and waves sometimes make it challenging and a regular dive one day can turn into a washing-machine the very next day! Some dive sites are therefore, only for advanced divers.

You must try a night dive at the Blue Lagoon, near Padang Bay; visit the Gili Islands north of Lombok; dive Nusa Penida, famous for the Mola Molas and Manta Point, where dozens of manta rays will fly past you, again and again... Go to Amed and Tulamben, crystal-clear water dives famous for their critters and macro life.

Be aware that the water temperature varies with the moon and the currents: it ranges from 28 to... 18 degrees Celsius, from one site to another! The water's at its coldest from August to October but it's also the best time to dive with the magnificent sunfish, or Mola Mola. So you'd better plan your trip between April and September!

Water and air temperature :

Month Janu. Febr. March April May June July Augu. Sept. Octo. Nove. Dece.
icone température airAir T° (°C) 27 27 28 28 28 27 26 26 28 28 29 28
icone température eauWater T° (°C) 28 28 28 29 28 28 26 26 26 26 28 29

Best time to dive :

April to September