Where to do shark diving ?

Diving with sharks, even if it frightens many people, has many enthusiasts around the world and many decide to take the plunge, to experience new underwater emotions. Between fear, palpitations, excitement, wonder or even admiration, emotions follow one another when diving with the sea lords. So if you want to know the pleasure of encountering sharks, Tribloo suggests the best destinations !

Diving with sharks, some safety rules…

Immersion with sharks is not an anecdotal act, and it is important to do it properly. This activity is usually done with a specialist, who will give you all the necessary information and good practices to make your experience with these wild animals a success.

Remember to find out about the species you may potentially encounter on the site of your future dives. Identifying sharks will allow you to adapt the behaviour to behave in the water. Because if some sharks will not pay any attention to your presence, others will be able to run away if you are too noisy or agitated, or come to observe you in a very invasive way…. It is therefore important to know a minimum of things about their behaviour. Recognize signs of stress, for example, when they adopt a more jerky swim. Or not to equate a shark’s approach to an attack, but simply to a reconnaissance approach. Being able to understand when to either get out of the water quietly or simply move away a little is important. In any case, even in times of stress, do not give a shark in front of you the feeling you are running away from. If you run away, the animal will more easily assimilate you to a prey…. Keeping calm is essential.

Some sharks are more inquisitive than others, such as the oceanic shark (also called longimanus), or the blue shark. A straight posture (vertical position) will make you stronger in front of them. If you insist, it is even advisable to move forward towards them rather than backward. Sometimes a peaceful balance of power can be established between the diver and the shark.

Where are the best destinations to dive with sharks ?

There are many diving destinations where you can see sharks. But seeing a fin go blue and really dive with these incredible animals are two different things. So if you really want to get close to sharks, here are the best destinations…

Diving with sharks in South Africa

South Africa is undoubtedly one of the great nations for shark diving ! Starting with the thrilling encounters with the great white shark (in a cage). The fresh waters of Gansbaai are the spot for divers looking for adrenaline, and eager to get close to the most impressive sharks. It is on the reefs of Aliwal Shoal, off Umkomaas, that it is common to encounter many other species such as hammerhead sharks, blacktip sharks, tiger sharks, bull sharks, or even incredible gatherings of ragged tooth shark (the “raggies”)…

Diving with sharks in Yucatan, Mexico

Yucatan, a region well known to divers around the world for its famous and unique cenotes, has even more treasures to offer. And an incredible “shark” experience.

First of all, it is the site of an annual gathering, unique in the world, where hundreds of whale sharks gather in the waters a few miles from Playa Del Carmen. During the months of July and August, it is then possible to go swimming among these giants who come here to feed themselves, offering snorkellers an experience they will remember all their lives.

Less intense, but certainly more impressive, from November to February, there is a gathering of female bull sharks that give birth near Playa Del Carmen. It is then possible to dive with them, on a sandy bottom at about 20-25m to observe them.

Diving with sharks in the Maldives

The Maldivian seabed is a real paradise. And divers come from all over the world to enjoy their coral reefs where life is truly exuberant. During a cruise, the chances of being able to see the whale shark are very high, since the rich waters of the Maldivian atolls attract them to feed, just like the manta rays. And then, divers in the Maldives are very often accompanied by reef sharks, such as black tips, grey sharks, coral sharks or white tips.

More remarkable is the night dive that takes place on the Alimatha site, in the company of a multitude of nurse sharks. These totally harmless sharks that can exceed 3m in length are the actors of a crazy immersion where we sometimes find ourselves jostled by the passage of these somewhat clumsy sharks…


Diving with blue sharks in the Azores

Here is a place a little less known for diving but above all resolutely Nature, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Many people come here for one of the most fascinating attractions. Because the Azores archipelago is home to blue sharks. This pelagic species, elegant with its thin and long fins, and a very long body, will not hesitate to approach divers…

Shark diving in French Polynesia

A lifetime trip for many divers, French Polynesia is a jewel in the heart of the South Pacific. Its islands and atolls, spread over a territory as large as Europe, are bathed in waters where sharks are an integral part of the scenery. Dive to Tahiti, on the Vallée Blanche site to be in contact with magnificent tiger sharks. In Moorea, in addition to the multitude of black tip sharks, it is possible to observe the worrying but placid lemon sharks. The atolls of Rangiroa and Fakarava are known to shelter hundreds of grey sharks, sometimes forming real walls as in the Tetamanu pass….

Diving with the great white sharks in Guadalupe

Finally, how can we talk about diving with sharks without mentioning the mythical island of Guadalupe? Lost off the coast of Baja California, this island shelters in its waters a multitude of great white sharks, which find there perfect conditions for their survival. Diving is strictly in cages, at different depths and even non-divers can participate in cages located just below the surface !


Do you feel ready to experience intense and emotional moments with these impressive animals? All that remains is to choose the right destination according to the experience you want…

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