What does a diver do when not diving ?

What does a diver do when not diving ?

Our diving habits have been somewhat shaken up since the spring of 2020. And the arrival of this virus that no one expected and that upset the whole planet! No one wondered if they could travel or even go diving. And yet, just one year later, many people are still unable to travel because of closed borders, or to dive because they are confined… The opportunity to look at the activities of the diver who is waiting tirelessly to be able to dip his fins again !

  • A diver always looks at his/her diving memories!

What could be more unbearable for a diver than not being able to dip his/her fins? Certainly experienced as the worst obstacle to his/her freedom, he/she does not lack ingenuity to bring back everything to his/her first passion. Everything is good to recall a memory of a dive or a diving trip. From his/her preciously kept plane tickets, to the old faded t-shirt from the great diving center at the end of the world (yes, it’s a collector!)… Flipping through the pages of the logbook stamped by a multitude of dive guides met over the years… Or even working on his backward tilt in his bathtub !


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Who of you has never made underwater pictures during his dives, either at home or on a trip ? Nowadays, most of us can take a small camera or a sport camera to bring back beautiful photo or video memories. It has become easy and almost within everyone’s reach to make beautiful pictures. So when we are in need of underwater landscapes, we all tend to reopen the files and scroll through the pictures to give ourselves a bit of a boost ! When some just look at them, others take the opportunity to edit them, to make small videos or slideshows and publish them on social networks. Whatever, the purpose is to have fun while waiting for the next dives…

  • He/She is looking for his next diving destinations

In these uncertain times, it is difficult for some people not to know when and where their next diving trip will be. So we like to surf on the internet in search of original destinations, good deals, we look for opinions on the right and on the left… It is even the occasion to consider destinations that we would not have thought of normally. Do not hesitate to discover the whole catalog of destinations and diving centers that we have carefully selected and tested at TribloO !

  • The diver must stay in shape!

When you are forced not to dive for a long period of time, keeping in shape to restart in the best conditions is a point not to be neglected. And having a regular physical activity, not necessarily intense, is essential. Walk several kilometers a day, jog, do some weight training or stretching, each at its own pace. Maintaining your back muscles by doing exercises of gainage will help you to carry your diving equipment, but also to avoid hurting yourself !

  • He/She’s having his gear serviced or shopping !

During prolonged periods of dryness, we have all found ourselves at least once in a situation when we were about to dive again, with equipment that was not necessarily in the condition we had hoped for. Typically, the regulator leaks… Because this essential equipment for safe diving is a bit like cars…. It doesn’t like to stay inactive for too long ! And it is imperative to have it serviced from time to time by a dive store authorized to service your regulator brand. The BCD also requires regular maintenance and needs a little cleaning to prevent the purge from becoming blocked or malfunctioning.

But this is also the time to put down and upgrade your diving equipment. Wouldn’t it be a good time to change your wetsuit for more comfort on your next dives? Or simply to continue to equip yourself !

So what about you… what do you do when you’re not diving ?

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