Tribloo and Click&Boat are now partners ! is pleased to announce the establishment of a new partnership with Click&Boat, leader in boat rental between private individuals or via professional boat rental companies. Because our activities are extremely linked, we wanted to join forces in order to offer an ever-expanding service to our customers !

What is Click&Boat ?


A platform dedicated to the rental of sailing yachts, motor boats, catamarans and even barges, Click&Boat was founded in 2014 by two French entrepreneurs with the aim of enabling boat owners to make their boats profitable in complete confidence and safety. With more than 400,000 members and 35,000 boats in the catalogue, the platform connects boaters with private and professional owners for rentals, with or without skipper, from day to week !

How Click&Boat works ?

The principle of the boat rental platform is simple. Boat owners, whether they are private individuals or professionals, can create a free advertisement with all the details in order to put their boat forward. The renters contact them via the Click&Boat messaging system in order to obtain all the necessary information and thus formulate their rental request. Owners can consult their renter’s nautical CV, and finally decide to choose in complete safety the sailors adapted to their boat.

For his part, the renter can choose between several hundred boats corresponding to his sailing area, while benefiting from the comments of previous renters and contact the owner to ensure that everything is in line with his sailing programme. To get started, do not hesitate to carry out a search.

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Private owners can amortize the boat’s maintenance costs, while professionals benefit, thanks to Click&Boat, from an online showcase to help them fill out their booking schedules !

Divers and sailors… the same passion for the sea !

Notice to sea lovers: TribloO and Click&Boat will from now on share with their members not only a vast network of diving centers around the world, but also an exceptional offer of boat rentals of all kinds.

Location de bateaux avec Click&Boat

You have planned a stay in Corsica, you program some nice dives via a Tribloo partner center? How about taking a look at Click&Boat’s offer to find you a nice little boat to spend a day or more discovering the beautiful creeks of the island of Beauty? Sailboat, motorboat, catamaran, semi-rigid… with or without captain, the most difficult will be to find yours as the choice is so vast!

Do you feel more Caribbean? No problem, you will find the boat you need to be in Guadeloupe, Martinique, Dominican Republic and many others…

Just as TribloO will put you directly in touch with professionals to book dives, or select all the products that interest you (baptism, discovery dive packs, training…), Click&Boat will open up a great choice of rental boats wherever you are, offering advice and advantages to Tribloo customers!

This new partnership brings together two sites of marine professionals to maximize exploration opportunities.

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