The best diving videos for confined divers

the best diving videos for confined divers

Spring has arrived recently and just when many of us should be starting to dive again, a good part of the world’s population is confined to their homes ! That’s how the newcomer to our daily lives, the coronavirus, has decided… An unexpected situation that is shaking up the planet and forces us to stay at home and wait for it to pass. So to help you wait, Tribloo has put together some of the most beautiful diving videos you can find on the web ! Enjoy…

1 – Cristina Zenato tames sharks

This is a diving video that went around the world a few years ago now (2010). A masterpiece by Joe Romeiro, featuring the woman who has since become a true ambassador for the protection of sharks, Cristina Zenato. There is an incredible complicity between Cristina and the many sharks, and the result is fantastic ! Based in the Bahamas, she is used to handling sharks in order to remove the hooks they often fall victim to… not hesitating sometimes to slide her hand (protected by chain mail) inside their mouths when necessary. This film has of course an educational objective.

2 – “Fengshui extreme”, between land and sea in Reunion Island

Here is a great video, combining freefall, apnea and water dance, directed by Christophe Loyer, and a montage that won him many awards. Shot in the skies and waters of Reunion Island, you let yourself be carried away until you don’t really know what kind of world you are in and gives you a good adrenaline rush… Fasten your seatbelt, we let you enjoy, and don’t miss the final scene !


3 – Guillaume Nery, base jumper below the surface

Guillaume Nery, double French freediving world champion and depth specialist, is more than that. He is also an artist and together with his partner Julie Gautier, they have somehow revolutionized the image of freediving in France and in the world, with the making of diving videos like never before. It is this video that made the freediving champion known to a much larger public, but also the work in the shadow of Julie, who also films freediving ! A freefall dive in the depths of Dean’s blue hole in the Bahamas…

4 – Ocean gravity, when Guillaume Nery defies the laws of gravity…

New masterpiece of the Nery-Gautier pair with this simply incredible reslisation, both in terms of rendering and technical prowess. In this film, we see Guillaume Nery literally flying over the reef in the Tiputa channel in French Polynesia. He then seems to wake up weightless and we don’t really know anymore whether we are under the surface or in space, an effect largely accentuated by the lunar aspect of the sea bed subjected to a powerful current. A breathtaking diving video !

5 – If i was a great white shark…

Andy Brandy Casagrande IV is a video maker specializing in wildlife imagery and adventure documentaries, having received numerous international awards, including two Emmy Awards ! Sharks, killer whales, polar bears etc… Andy innovates and perfects shooting techniques and uses the most advanced technologies to push the limits and capture ever more impressive images. In 2009, he published with National Geographic, this clip in favor of white sharks. An original way to get the message across… and it works!

6 – On the sand with the bull sharks

Every year from November to March, the seaside town of Playa Del Carmen in Mexico attracts divers to one of its many underwater attractions. It is indeed the period during which one attends a gathering of bull sharks at only 800m from the beach. Steven Surina, shark specialist and founder of Shark Education, accompanied by François Sarano, former oceanographer diver of Calypso, and founder of Longitude 181, takes us to meet the sharks that fly over this sandbank, for a moment of pure adrenaline, in all serenity … Superb images signed Pierre-Etienne Larrous.

We hope that these few diving videos have given you a good time ! They are generally the work of passionate people who want to share their love for the oceans … And you, do you have others to suggest ?

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