The best diving destinations to progress !

the best diving destinations to progress

You started scuba diving some time ago now, and you’re starting to get confident ? Then you feel ready to commit yourself to dive sites and destinations that seemed inaccessible to you until now ? Tribloo has selected the best diving destinations to progress, the ones that will allow you to get good experiences and become an experienced diver !

Gaining self confidence when diving… From when?

Having experience as a diver does not resonate the same way from one person to another. And two divers will not necessarily feel comfortable in the same way after 10, 50 or 100 dives, which is quite normal. But then, at what point can we consider that we have acquired enough experience to be able to access more committed dives ?

If there is one rule that we can advise in diving, it is to remain humble and never be too self-confident. Passing levels is a good thing but it should not become a certification race to get more than the others … Because level cards you will get will never replace your experience ! That’s how you can see very good divers with little certification, who have done a lot of dives, and very bad divers with more certification who have only dived the minimum required to pass the higher certification !

If you think that 30 dives under your belt makes you a diving Jedi, think again ! You’re still only at the larval padawan stage ! However, and as you have to cross a milestone at some point, when you reach about 50 dives and have been able to face a number of more or less stressful situations below the surface, you can feel that the door to more engaged dives is open to you !

Tribloo has then selected the best destinations for you to live even more intense moments underwater and thus progress in your young life as a diver !

Diving on the famous Golden Triangle (BDE) in Egypt, one of the best diving destinations to progress

Egypt is an excellent destination for all levels of divers. There are many beginners who are taking their first diving certificates. Whether in the north or in the south, there is no shortage of dive sites. But there is an itinerary to be done on a liveaboard, which makes many of them dream, but which remains accessible only to more experienced divers ! The famous Golden Triangle, bringing together the reefs of the Brothers, Daedalus and Elphinstone . Launches sometimes a little agitated, to discover incredible drop offs, swept by the currents, where pelagic fauna is omnipresent. Sharks, mantas, jacks, tunas or barracudas are part of the scenery. The wreck of the Numidia is always a great moment to experience, as is the encounter with oceanic whitetip sharks…

Encounter with marine wildlife in South Africa

Diving with sharks requires a minimum of control and composure, in order to deal with stressful situations in the most controlled way, avoiding stressing the animals as well. If we add the not always simple sea conditions and the presence of currents, we have all the ingredients to make the destination the perfect place for experienced divers who want to live new experiences ! And if you want to go even further in the grandiose scenery, come during the months of June and July to attend the incredible Sardine Run, quite simply one of the craziest shows that the oceans offer us every year…

plonger en Afrique du Sud

Diving out of time in Djibouti

At the southern end of the Red Sea lies the tiny Republic of Djibouti between Somalia, Ethiopia, Eritrea and Yemen. Djibouti’s warm waters, rich in plankton, attract a multitude of whale sharks and many other pelagic species. It is possible to dive in the Gulf of Tadjourah in the centre of the country, or on the very famous Seven Brothers, where winds and currents can sometimes be violent and require good control below the surface. There, you will meet hundreds of thousands of fish, pelagic, barracuda, tuna and huge jacks. Sharks can be seen from time to time, but encounters are rare. On the contrary, eagle rays and stingrays are very frequent encounters…

In the middle of the Indian Ocean… the Maldives

With its twenty atolls and about 1200 islands, the Maldives is a real coral jewel nestled in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Below the surface, life abounds, and you can see just about everything: pelagic, schools of fish, sharks, mantas, coral and even nudibranchs and other macro pleasures… The dives are well deserved. Because currents are generally present, more or less powerful, and it is better to be prepared for them. Before each launch, your guides will put their head underwater and show you the power so you know what to expect. But it’s worth it, because the dives, especially in the center of the archipelago, are extraordinary, and truly full of life…

Diving in Tubbataha Marine Park in the Philippines

In the heart of the Sulu Sea, off the coast of Palawan, lie two isolated atolls almost 150 km from the coast… Naturally protected, they have been listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites since 1993 ! Constantly monitored by a team of rangers, the atolls of Tubbataha embody all the success of a marine reserve as we would like to see more. The dive sites are essentially drop offs, along which life is simply incredible. Above the healthy coral reefs are schools of jacks, barracudas, turtles, sharks and a whole collection of fish, each one more beautiful than the next… But beware, the currents can be impressive. Sometimes they are ascending or descending, they are also changeable, and it is not uncommon to start a drift dive in one direction and finish it in the other ! Tubbataha is open only 3 months of the year to divers, between March and June …

Diving in French Polynesia

Finally, among these deserving destinations, how not to mention this one, dreamed of by many divers ! French Polynesia embodies everything you fantasize about in a diver’s life. The remoteness, the idyllic scenery, breathtaking visibility… and a multitude of sharks visible on every dive, to mention just a few ! Moorea, Rangiroa, Fakarava,… and the certitude of being fulfilled at each launch with incredible encounters. But with the lagoons emptying or filling up according to the tides, the dives are often drifting, and the currents can be violent ! So a good control of your buoyancy and calm are mandatory conditions to have a good experience in Polynesian waters …

So, do you feel ready ? Don’t hesitate to do a few dives before leaving if you haven’t dived for a few months, it always feels good ! Have a nice trip…

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