The best destinations to dive in winter !

This is a critical time for many of us. When winter comes, with the cold and short days, we are not all equal. Because if some people will exchange fins for skis, the options available to others are not numerous… Dive into cold conditions…. Stop diving for several months…. Or something more motivating: go to a warm destination and enjoy yourself ! Tribloo has selected for you the best destinations to dive in winter….

Dive in winter in the Maldives

If there is one destination that makes everyone agree when winter is here, it is the Maldives and its small islands bordered by white sandy beaches that plunge into an emerald sea where life is literally bubbling ! With its coral reefs teeming with species, from the very small to the large, the abundance of life is obvious. And even if it is possible to dive almost all year round in the Maldives, in the winter months, from December to April when rains are rare, are excellent ! Underwater the spectacle is striking, with always many pelagics including many sharks, whale sharks, manta rays, but also many fish sometimes in very dense schools.

Go to dive in winter in Mexico – Yucatan

Widely in fashion for several years, Mexico attracts divers from all over the world with its whale sharks, its famous cenotes and its rather caliente atmosphere. But when winter comes, the show is even more worth it, for two reasons! The first is the presence of bull sharks during the period from November to March, near Playa Del Carmen, and a unique opportunity to be approached by these impressive species. The second, of a much shorter duration, between mid-January and the end of March, with the observation in pmt of sailfish (the fastest fish on the planet!) in the middle of sardine hunting !

Dive with angelsharks in Lanzarote

A little less tropical than the others, Lanzarote is still an exciting diving destination ! Close to Europe, the waters of this Canary Island are never really cold. This is what makes the fauna found there a real mixture of Atlantic, Mediterranean and tropical species ! But during the winter months, between November and March, a particular species frequents the waters of Lanzarote. On the sandy bottoms, we can observe the peaceful angelshark, perfectly camouflaged, but which always attract the eye of divers who come to cross their path….

Dive in winter in Raja Ampat

Let’s go back to tropical waters, Asia now ! The “Four Kings” archipelago has become one of the most prestigious diving destinations as the change of scenery and the underwater show are all part of the experience ! In the heart of the Coral Triangle, and renowned as the place on the planet where marine biodiversity is simply the greatest, diving in Raja Ampat is an experience that every diver dreams of living at least once in their life. The best season to dive there is from November to April, because it is the dry season, the time when you can also see the most manta rays !

Dive in Guadeloupe

If you are more of a Caribbean and like the atmosphere there, why not opt for Guadeloupe? This French island in the Caribbean arc has great assets for divers, especially with the Cousteau Reserve on the west coast. It is in this part of the island, sheltered and protected, that we find the most beautiful diving sites in Guadeloupe. Tunnels, caves, wrecks, and especially a multitude of reef fish, and encounters with adorable green turtles… the show is permanent. From December onwards, when the hurricane season is over, you will find the weather very pleasant.

Dive with pelagic in Mozambique

Located opposite the island of Madagascar on the African continent, Mozambique is a destination still little known by divers, but which offers world-class dives ! With the Mozambique Channel, its currents and nutrients, the area is ideal for the presence of large pelagics. Thus diving in Mozambique rhymes with incredible encounters near manta rays, whale sharks, humpback whales etc…. During our winter months, it is summer in Mozambique, and the best time to see whale sharks !

Go to dive in winter in the Philippines

The Philippine archipelago, with 7641 islands nestled in the Coral Triangle, is one of the most popular destinations for divers. And with so many islands, it is better to say that the possibilities are numerous and that there is something for everyone! From the wrecks of Coron, to the superb atolls of Tubbataha, to the incredible bottoms of the Visayas, filled with all kinds of species… It is possible to dive almost all year round in the Philippines, but the months of November to May are the driest, especially in the Visayas, and therefore the most suitable for a beautiful sun diving holiday !

Dive with manatees in Crystal River in Florida

Florida on the east coast of the United States is a major diving destination, including many wrecks, deliberately sunk to create artificial reefs and diving sites. But the great curiosity in Florida is in a river, whose water temperature is 21° C almost all year round. Crystal River, with its crystal clear waters, is home to many manatees, and the best time to observe them in snorkeling is from November to March. With very strict rules, however, it is possible to evolve in the midst of these large, highly protected mammals !

Many diving destinations are available during the winter months, among the best in the world ! So there is no reason to wait for the sunny days to put the fins back in the water….

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