Liveaboard diving : the best destinations

With work and daily routine, we sometimes want and need to disconnect completely from our world, and to fully enjoy ourselves and what we like to do. If you are reading this article, it is likely that diving will rock the rhythm of your holiday and that you would like to know more about diving liveaboards ! Because diving liveaboard allows you to totally change your universe, to move away from everything, and to have nothing to do but dive, sunbathe and rest ! It is also the best way to dive on the best sites, the most remote and especially with the least number of people possible. So if you are looking for the right destination for your future diving cruise, here are some of the best ones…

Some tips before leaving for a diving liveaboard

Going on a diving liveaboard requires a little organization because once on board and at sea, it will be too late if you forgot any material !

First, read carefully the instructions provided by the travel agency or service provider. They often give advice on preparation and things to remember.

Test and check all your diving equipment if you go with it. It is best to make sure that everything is working properly, and if necessary, have your regulator serviced before leaving.

Remember to make a list of everything you will need during your stay by making categories (documents, clothing, electronics, medicines, diving equipment, cosmetics, etc…). The best thing is to think about it several weeks in advance to avoid making a list in a hurry… Bad good idea !

Be sure to check the conditions of the place you are going to, especially water temperatures. Diving in water at 25°C is not the same as at 28°C, especially when you do a series of dives. If you have space, you may be able to take two wetsuits, otherwise you will have to choose carefully. Think that cold will bother you underwater… but not heat !

For the more geeky and photographers, think about your batteries and chargers for each of your devices. If necessary, spread everything out in front of you, and put the device with its charger in your bag at the same time to make sure you are not mistaken.

Finally, and even if you generally find what you need on board, bring a well-stocked pharmacy kit (pain reliever, anti-inflammatory, bandages, disinfectant, gastric bandages, ear infections, etc…). You can never be too careful !

With these few tips, you should be on track for a great stay. All that remains is to choose the right destination !

Which destination for a diving cruise?

Egypt is undoubtedly one of the great destinations that divers choose to go on a diving liveaboard. While sites accessible on a “daily” basis are often overcrowded, choosing the liveaboard option is often the guarantee of going to the best sites and being there at the times when there are the least people. But also to access all the remote sites that can only be done on a cruise. During one week, you will see wonderful sites with coral reefs and especially the exceptional fauna of the Red Sea. Different routes are possible, in the north, around the Sinai with sites like the very famous Ras Mohamed, and world famous wrecks like the Thistlegorm; A little further south, in the Safaga region and the Brothers Islands, where we dive on the wreck of Numidia, placed vertically on the reef ; Lovers of large drop offs and sharks will certainly choose to dive on the trio of Brothers-Daedalus-Elphinstone islands; Finally, to see as few people as possible and magnificent coral gardens, it is even further south, in the Fury Shoals and St. John’s region, at the gateway to Sudan, that divers will enjoy the warmest waters !

With its 26 atolls scattered over more than 800km in the heart of the Indian Ocean, its postcard landscapes, and some of the most beautiful seabeds in the world, the Maldives attracts divers from all over the world every year. Even if it is possible to stay in hotels and dive from a diving centre, the diving liveaboard is really the best way to discover the Maldivian seabed and to measure the extent of what it can offer you. With three large diving areas forming itineraries, the centre, the north or the “great south” of Maldives, divers will have the joy of observing the ballet of manta rays, the comings and goings of reef sharks, to enjoy the magic of an encounter with the whale shark, and especially to evolve in the middle of a profusion of coral life.

Although very touristy, Thailand is not just about the hordes of tourists from seaside resorts like Koh Phi Phi to name but a few. Because there are also much less frequented islands off the west coast, in the Andaman Sea, with the Similan and Surin archipelagos located further north near Burmese waters. It is simply the best diving in Thailand with an incredible marine life. Sometimes strong currents attract the largest pelagics, and life on the reefs is exuberant. An ideal destination for a cruise in enchanting landscapes and calm.

7107 islands ! With such a gift from Nature, imagine the possibilities offered by the Philippine archipelago in terms of diving. And when you know that these islands are surrounded by the Coral Triangle, which is the area with the greatest marine biodiversity on the planet, it is easy to understand why divers are so enthusiastic about diving in the Philippines. Whether in the central region, the Visayas, with sites like Malapascua to observe thresher sharks at dawn, Balicasag and its huge school of jacks, or Apo island; or in the Palawan region, and one of the most beautiful diving sites in the world, with the Tubbataha atoll, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, you will always find something to amaze your eyes in the Philippines !

Indonesia and its more than 13,000 islands is a gift from Nature for divers from all over the world. Forming a good part of the Coral Triangle, there is a density of life and biodiversity to make photographers pale, whether they are fond of macro, big or even atmosphere. The regions of Komodo and Raja Ampat are home to some of the most beautiful diving liveaboards on the planet. The first one, classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, can be visited almost exclusively by boat. The second, is reputed to be the place hosting the greatest marine biodiversity on the planet. Diving in this region is the dream of many divers, and will leave an indelible memory.

The Bahamas is an archipelago of coral reefs known to bathe in the clearest waters in the world. It is also a fabulous place where divers can see many species of sharks evolve on the reefs, or even around the many wrecks sunk to create new reefs and diving sites. On a cruise, you can be sure to discover the most beautiful sites far from the tourist attractions.

Seychelles is known for its postcard landscapes, perfect for a honeymoon ! With its granitic bottoms, and overall less coral reefs than other Indian Ocean destinations such as the MaldivesSeychelles is home to a very dense marine fauna that also makes it a magnificent diving destination. A cruise allows you to travel from one island to another and discover less accessible places. During your stay, dive in Praslin, La Digue, or on the sites of the Sisters Islands…. With sumptuous reliefs, sometimes granitic and sometimes coral, you will see schools of very dense fish, turtles, rays and even sharks!

Choose to dive in liveaboard mode to fully enjoy your passion during your vacation ! With a rate of 2, 3 or even 4 dives per day on the most beautiful sites, it is the best way to spend a maximum of time underwater, but also to progress. All you have to do is choose the right destination knowing that there are of course many others…

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