Diving trip, how to pack smart ?

Diving trip, how to pack smart ?

When it comes to dipping your fins at the end of the world… Are you more of a last-minute packing case or a week before ? When some people don’t feel any stress at the idea of preparing that famous baggage that you’re going to lug to paradise, others feel anxiety coming on… That of forgetting the essentials, of not having enough space or of exceeding the weight limit ! To help you, we have selected a few tips and tricks to help you prepare your baggage serenely for your next diving trip…

Remember to make a list before packing your diving bag

Préparer une liste avant de faire sa valise

Chances are you’ll start to get a head start on your trip several weeks before you leave. So why not put that time to good use? Start a list with everything you’ll need to take with you. This will save you a lot of time packing, and more importantly, it will help you avoid forgetting essential things. Make lists by categories: clothes, diving gear, medical, important papers, etc… Come back to it several times, as many times as necessary when you think of something to add. This way you are safe from unpleasant surprises that come too late…

Select the diving equipment you want to take with you

When you go on a diving trip, you always make sure that everything is optimized so that everything goes as smoothly as possible. The diving equipment that we will use often takes an important place in the organization, because it will partly condition beautiful dives. Feeling good with your equipment is very important. Several options are available to you: if you are demanding on the different elements that you have rigorously chosen one by one, then the best will be to take the whole thing with you ! Wetsuit, BCD, regulator, mask and fins… They will certainly take up some space in your bag, but at least you will know what you will be diving with, and won’t have to worry about it, neither before nor during !

If you don’t have all the elements or simply don’t feel like being overwhelmed, you can definitely rent on site. However, be sure to check before you leave. Make sure that the dive center has all the equipment you will need, with your sizes. Let them know so that they can plan the availability of the equipment, and avoid any last minute surprises. Finally, if you are diving in this center for the first time, don’t hesitate to ask the diving community about the general condition of the rental equipment… We sometimes have surprises !

Underwater photographers and videographers ?

Are you an underwater photographer, videographer, and you’re walking around with all your gear ? Here again, creating a list is essential to ensure that you don’t forget anything. Batteries, chargers, accessories… go through each of your equipment, because if you forget anything, you’ll spoil all your fun !

Depending on the type of equipment you use, you may need a dedicated bag for transport. For example, a cabin bag can be a great way to travel with peace of mind ! In this case, remember to unload your devices such as headlights, remove the batteries from the flashes, and condition your batteries so that they cannot come into contact with each other (there are small boxes designed for that !). Also think about the fact that you will be asked to unpack (almost) everything when you pass through airport security…

Think of the worst (care kit)

Because you are not safe from minor injuries during your stay, it is best to take the necessary precautions to take care of yourself if necessary. Starting with digestive problems, which are common when travelling to hot destinations, so take antidiarrheal medication with you. Think of all the necessary first-aid supplies, such as bandages, disinfectants, antiseptic, compresses, aspirin, but also a good sun cream with a high index (and respectful of the seabed!). If you go on a cruise, beware of seasickness. There are different solutions to fight against its inconveniences… Think about it!

Close your items by category

There you go, your journey is approaching and your wait is coming to an end ! It’s time to pack your bag… If possible, avoid packing at the last minute ! Nothing better to forget something. Use your lists well, and cross out each item as you go along. Don’t scatter, and proceed by category: diving equipment, clothing (to be adapted according to the conditions on site, get the right information), accessories, first aid kit, etc… And finally your important papers such as flight plans, insurance, dive cards and of course your passport !

It’s time to pack your bags… If possible, avoid packing at the last minute. Nothing better to forget something essential !

Don’t crowd yourself !

It is quite human to be afraid of not having enough when you go on a trip away from home! You always tend to want to take half your wardrobe with you… Isn’t that right ? With the fear of missing out, you add a few extra things and you end up not being able to close your bag ! And once you’re there you wonder why you took all that stuff ! It’s important to be well informed about the climate at that time on site in order to adjust the type of clothes to take, as well as the wetsuit. Do you really need these 8 pants, 4 bermuda shorts and 23 t-shirts for this week of diving ?

Choose the good bag

Finding the right suitcase for a diving trip is not always easy. The choice is so vast that you get lost in it !  Several criteria will then come into play to choose the right one. The size obviously and the capacity, expressed in Liters. Would you like to take your diving equipment with you or do you rent it on site ? If you bring your own equipment (wetsuit, regulator, bcd, fins, etc…), choose a luggage with a capacity of at least 90L to be quiet, and specially designed for divers. You will find efficient wheels, space for diving equipment, interior straps, some models even have waterproof compartments, or side pockets for fins… The weight of your diving bag is also a factor to take into account, and they are not all equal: 4.9kg for the Cressi Moby 5 (115L), 3.5kg for the Cruise Buddy de Mares (87L), 2.8kg for the Beuchat Voyager L 2019 (95L) or even 1.3kg for the Explorer II Folder, the newest model from AquaLung… If you’re the type of person who wants to be at the limit with the weight of your luggage, choose the lightest one possible, without skimping on quality !

Finally ready to take off ? Now that your bag is packed, you’ll be able to sleep soundly on the plane, without spending your time wondering “What did I forget?” !

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