Divers… What’s your winter occupation ?

The coming of winter is always a special moment for the divers of our regions. Even if it is not necessarily a Siberian cold, the drop in temperatures, both in the air and in the water, will put many of us at a standstill, waiting for more pleasant days. In these cases, we have to keep busy, don’t we ? So here are a few activities to keep you in the diving atmosphere during the winter !

Keep diving… into the cold !

Because the cold is not a fatality, and with a little motivation and passion, and above all a good wetsuit, the call of the deep can be stronger ! Diving in winter allows you to practice in conditions that are not ideal, and to get out of your comfort zone a little. And thus to appreciate even more the days when the perfect conditions will be there ! With good equipment, you can resist rather well once in the water, and it is often the outside conditions after the dive that can be the hardest.

Have all your diving equipment serviced and checked

If you are not the type to do violence to yourself, there’s nothing wrong with that ! Stay warm, and don’t get into an experience that will leave you feeling bad. This dry period is a good time to review all your diving equipment ! And be ready when you get back in the water… Starting with your regulator, the key element of your safety, it requires regular maintenance to work perfectly and avoid unpleasant surprises (leaks or bad flow for example). It is advisable to have your regulator serviced once a year by a professional, who will dismantle it, change parts such as filters and membranes, carry out a thorough cleaning of the parts, and check the correct operation of the regulator once reassembled.

Check that the inflator of your BCD is working properly. Is your mask strap in good condition? Does your suit need minor repairs? Don’t forget to lubricate its zip…

Training again !

Because there is always more to learn in diving, and a little training never hurts, why not take advantage of this time to improve your skills ? The advantage for many of us is to be able to do this in a pool or diving pool, in warm and stress-free waters. Or if you want to take the plunge and dive in cold water, learn how to use a drysuit properly !

se former à la plongée sous-marine

Go diving in the warm sea

The least favourable period for diving in our latitudes is also the best time to change scenery and go on a nice diving trip ! And there is no lack of good destinations during our winter months: whether in the Philippines, Mexico, the Caribbean, the Maldives or even Mauritius, there is a vast choice to enjoy yourself and cheer you up far from the cold !

plonger au chaud

Make a stop at the Paris Dive Show

Do you miss the atmosphere of diving ? Would you like to see the divers who accompanied you on your last liveaboard, see the latest news, watch the most beautiful documentaries of the year, meet all the diving professionals ? Well you may know it, it’s in Paris that it happens during the annual diving grand-messe in France, the Paris Dive Show ! This year it will be held from January 10 to 13, 2020, Porte de Versailles.

This is an opportunity to come and visit us. Tribloo will be there, together with our partner diving center Tavolara Diving, on booth K25 !

And you, what do you do during the winter ?

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