Caves and Blue holes, the best destinations

The traditional dives you do all year round are getting a little tired of ? Do you want to do more engaged dives, to have a little more thrills ? How about soaking your fins in beautiful caves or even in the famous blue holes ? Tribloo has selected the best destinations for this kind of diving and you will be amazed on your next dive trip !

Caves and blue holes, for which divers ?

Before introducing you to some heavenly places, it is important to talk about some safety rules when you are about to dive into caves or blue holes. And even if the purpose of this article is in no way to talk about “tek diving”, because we stay here in a “leisure” context, it is always important to take the right precautions.

Starting with the diver’s experience. Even if these dives are often quickly accessible to relatively inexperienced divers, a minimum of experience is still necessary to avoid a stress blow or simply an accident. It is good to have at least a few dozen dives to your credit, but above all to manage your buoyancy perfectly. Poor management of this one and you will risk dragging the fins on the bottom of a cave while lifting as much sediment as possible. And even if you will never be far from the exit, a loss of visibility will be a source of stress. In a blue hole, poor buoyancy can lead to over-consumption of air… not to mention the risk of ending up at a dangerous depth.

It is also essential to be perfectly sure of your diving equipment, especially your regulator, your stabilizer vest, but also your mask and fins (especially if they are adjustable fins, check the condition of the straps carefully). Remember to have your regulator and stab serviced before you go on a trip, especially if you have not dived for several months. If you use the equipment of a centre and you have a doubt about the condition, do not hesitate to have it changed !

When accessing relatively confined areas such as caves, be even more careful than normal about your air consumption and what you have left.

Finally, keep for this style of diving, the notion of pair is very important. Don’t ever lose sight of yourself and everything will be fine !

These few tips will help you enjoy wonderful experiences on your next dive trip. Here are the best destinations to dive in caves and blue holes:

*Dive into the famous blue hole of Dahab in Egypt

On the east coast of the Sinai, in the Gulf of Aqaba, is one of the most famous diving sites in the world. The famous Blue Hole in Dahab is a real attraction for many divers who go to Egypt. With a depth of more than 100m and an arch about 30 metres long, it is the scene of far too frequent dramas. Many divers who are too greedy in terms of depth have lost their lives. It is therefore a place where you must remain vigilant, and especially not to exceed your limits. From there, the Blue Hole of Dahab is a diving site that many can frequent, provided they can prove they have some experience. The most experienced divers will be able to engage inside the arch beyond 50m in tek diver mode.


Dive into the Great Blue Hole in Belize

When we talk about “blue hole”, a destination comes to mind right away, Belize. It is the “Great Blue Hole” that has made this country famous throughout the world for scuba diving. This small Central American country, located south of the Yucatan Peninsula, has the second largest coral reef on the planet, after Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. And that is what it is all about. Because if the Great Blue Hole has more interest in geology than diving itself, the country’s seabed is extraordinary!


Dive into caves in Fury Shoals and St. John’s in Egypt

Much more “relaxed”, and accessible to all levels, even beginners, the diving spots of South Egypt have many shallow caves. And which offer an exceptional setting for lovers of ambient photography. One of the most famous sites is undoubtedly Shaab Claudio Reef in the Fury Shoals area, with that intense feeling when you find yourself inside the coral reef only a few meters below the surface. There is also Malahi Reef, with its canyon maze and the possibility of safely getting lost in the middle of the reef. Finally, further south, Saint-John’s Caves also has huge caves within the reef where you can also observe beautiful light effects.


Caves and blue hole in Malta

Malta is a major diving destination in Europe and the Mediterranean. With its clear waters and mild temperatures, the Maltese archipelago attracts many divers every year, especially cave and wreck lovers. Caves are indeed numerous in these limestone bottoms, and there are caves for all levels. Beginners will be able to discover their first sensations, and experienced and tek divers will enjoy more complicated sites. There is even a Blue Hole, renowned as one of the best diving sites in Malta, just below the famous “Azure Window”, which collapsed in 2017.

Dive into the cenotes in Mexico

With everything it has to offer divers, Mexico is definitely one of the great fashion diving destinations. We will dive in Mexico to see beautiful coral gardens typical of the Caribbean, to approach whale sharks, to see sailfish hunts, to observe bulldog sharks as closely as possible… and of course to experience unique sensations in the famous cenotes. Dive into the cenotes is a step that almost every diver on the planet wants to take one day!


Dive into Dean’s Blue Hole in the Bahamas

In the warm and translucent waters of the Bahamas, Dean’s Blue Hole was made famous by French freediver Guillaume Nery. It was here that he and his partner Julie Gautier made one of their first clips, which is now a worldwide success. This blue hole is one of the deepest in the world, and it is possible to dive as well in scuba diving as in freediving, or simply to snorkel, with good chances to see impressive tarpoons, turtles, rays, or even seahorses !

Diving in the caves of Sardinia (advanced level)

Sardinia, an Italian island, is one of the most important cave diving destinations in Europe and the Mediterranean. Even if many are only accessible to experts, some of them are accessible for good recreational divers, such as the cave of Nereo (Nereo cave).

Sardinia is also a great opportunity to discover some of the most beautiful bottoms in the Mediterranean, with lots of colours and incredible wildlife !

If you are attracted by the feeling of flying over a huge blue hole, or the thrill of entering a cave, then there is no doubt that you will choose one of these destinations for your next dives!

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