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Diving The Seychelles


A prime honeymoom destination with high-end hotels, fine sandy beaches, turquoise waters and coconut trees wafting in a gentle breeze, the Seychelles is a 'dream-come-true' for all lovers of sun and luxury. And since you've made it that far, it would be a pity not to try an underwater adventure or exploration! With 260 islands, this group of islands is a real treat for divers, where an impressive topography teams up with a very dense and diverse marine life. You'll find a system of inner (43) and outer reef islands; inside the reef the underwater landscape is made of granite and outside you can expect breath-taking walls and drop-offs! Along those you'll find big pelagics that shelter themselves in those warm isolated waters. Among the best dive sites in the area, the Aldabra Cliffs are famous for their big numbers of Green turtles (Chelonia Mydas), the Cosmoledo atoll with its collection of incredibly huge sponges or Astove Reef where you'll enjoy a few caves and cracks along the drop-off. Some of the sites harbour a shipwreck too.

The visibility is usually very good all year round and most of the sites lay between 8 and 40 meters, so the Seychelles is an excellent destination for the family, the beginner or the keen diver looking for adventure!

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