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No need to go far in the tropics to experience pristine water islands abundant in sea-life and dive sites: Malta in the Mediterranean sea will astound you! The tiniest Island-State, part of the EU, has become a diving haven for experienced and picky divers. Malta is made out of 8 islands, only 4 are inhabited, and stands at the crossroads between the Middle East and the western world... a highly strategic location that used to be fought for. Today Malta is a quiet destination with a rich historical and cultural heritage, where tourism is the main industry. A lot of divers come and spend their holidays here, because it's definitely worth it! With some gorgeous underwater scenery like caves, tunnels, drop-offs and huge walls, you'll find something for you! Forget about white sandy beaches, Malta's coastline is all about little creeks and coves, like a string of secluded places surrounded by cliffs. There are a lot of shipwrecks, of every kind: we recommend the tugboat Rozi, 40 meters long and purposefully sunk in 1992 for the divers to enjoy. The visibility there is usually very good and, that was the idea, the wreck is teaming with fish! Anyway the visibility is generally good around the islands of the archipelago and the marine life pretty diverse. Groupers, moray eels, tunas and sardines, octopus... all the 'Med' life is here! The weather is also rather mild in the winter months so you can truly dive Malta year-round. Most of the sites are accessible from the shore and suitable for all levels; some sites are obviously only for experienced divers, you'll figure it out!

It is difficult to keep it short when it comes to Malta, the Islands of Gozo and Comino, because it's just so good! Try it and you'll love it!

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